Take it Up Cycling Wellness Program

The program will take indoor cycling to a whole new level via a brand new projection wellness program called "Take It Up Cycling"

"Take it up Cycling" is a 4 set DVD program that returns indoor cycling back to its original mind-body connection roots.

Projected images will take you on a visually amazing journey while implementing positive messages to clear your members' minds and an open their spirits. The "Doors" will open with a constant flow of endorphins or more commonly known as "The Cardio Rush "

Each DVD has been developed with a specific topic and is linked to subliminal messages and suggestive healthy alternatives to combat personal demons. Members will discover why they do the things that they do. Through each class they will be able to choose healthier alternatives and to live in a more conscious state of mind all while participating in one of our great indoor cycling classes.

This program could be offered and rotated on a monthly basis to health clubs and delivered as a specialty class/program.

Take it Up Cycling: Developed by Ed Esposito & Angela Osso, Spinning instructors that hold certifications through SpinFitness and the Colorgized!™ Wellness Program.