Colorgized!™ Indoor Cycling

Colorgized!™ Indoor cycling uses color healing images to ignite each cyclist's chakras (energy centers) via positive affirmations, and a designed indoor cycling profiles to create the patented Colorgized!™ method. This program's certified techniques are changing how members view and feel during their workouts. Workouts now have a more defined meaning and purpose when participants are connecting their mind with their body.

The indoor cycling genre is a perfect setting for holistic health and wellness principles via the Colorgized!™ method into classes that already have a mind-body component. Colorgized!™ Indoor Cycling, Colorgized!™ Mat Pilates, Colorgized!™ Yoga , Colorgized!™ Meditation/Stretch and Colorgized!™ Belly Dance are all classes currently being implemented at gyms, studios, wellness centers and spas around the world.

Unleash the power of your chakras! Get Colorgized!™

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Spectral Journeys Colorgized!™ wellness program is one of the most innovative group fitness classes ever; whether it be Yoga, Pilaties or Indoor Cycling. Make that mind body connection like never before. By combining color, positive affirmations and body positioning. Unleash the 7 energy sources in the body, your "chakras."

What is a chakra? Chakras or wheels of light are 7 sources of energy located in the human body. Six of the seven chakras run along the spinal cord, the seventh chakra is located on the top of the head "your crown."

These wheels of light are directly related to the endocrine system which is a direct path to all the major organs in the body.

By combining a projection of color, images, specific positive affirmations and body positioning you will be able to take your self and your class on an amazing journey

Unleash the power of your chakras! Get Colorgized!™